10 May 2009

Sunday Salon: I Give Up

Happy Mother's Day to all you reading mothers out there! Since I'm typing this late Sunday afternoon, I'm sure that most of you have already gone out to dinner and opened your gifts. Right about now, you should be sitting in your favorite easy chair enjoying a book :-).

I should probably be reading, too, since my kids are giving me some peace and quiet. Instead, I'm knitting while watching a Eureka marathon on SciFi. I can't bring myself to read any more of A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth. It isn't a bad book, but it hasn't grabbed me yet. I've only made it to page 54 and it is due back at the library tomorrow. No chance I will get through 1200 + pages before then. Part of the problem, I believe, is that I lost my reading buddy for a few weeks. She was the one that pulled me through Atonement when I wanted to stop. This time around, she had a bit of family business that kept her from starting the book. I know, I'm a grown woman and I should be able to read on my own. Sometimes, though, it helps to have someone who has read a bit further than you who can say, "Hang in there; it picks up once you get to the third chapter."

So what will I read this week? By my bedside I have a couple books by the Motley Fool group on managing money. Waiting to be picked up at the library, I have a lot more how-to books on various topics: gardening, sewing, vegetarian cooking, writing, childrearing. The book I'm really looking forward to diving into, though, is Word Warriors: 35 Women Leaders in the Spoken Word Revolution. I've rediscovered my love of performance poetry, so I'm looking forward to reading about some of the women behind it.

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