18 November 2008

Gotta read it now!

Have you ever finished reading a book by a prolific author and felt like you had to jump into another one of her books right then? That is how I'm feeling today. I just completed Sabrina by Lori Wick, which is a Christian romance and part of her Big Sky Dreams series. ABM is doing our weekly library pickup today, but for some reason none of Lori Wick's books are at my local branch. I reserved several more titles by Wick, but they all have to be transferred from other branches. All the books I have on hand at the moment are about gardening and cooking and such. I'm in the mood for another Wick romance, but there's no chance of me getting my hands on one until next week! Argh!

It could be worse. At least ABM does our pickup on Monday or Tuesday each week. That means I should be armed with several of Wick's novels for the long Thanksgiving weekend. I can avoid the dull TV marathons and immerse myself in the world of the Montana Territory in the 1800s.

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