23 September 2008

Teaser Tuesday: 23 Sep 2008

The book I'm reading this week, America (The Book), was not an easy book to use for Teaser Tuesday. The entire book is a parody of a textbook, so many of the sections are filled with pictures and worksheets and such. I must admit that I had to break the rules and flip a couple times to find a usable passage. For a moment I was tempted to use to a different book on my TBR stack. However, I decided to stick with my current read and I think I found a passage that conveys the flavor of the book on page 57:

If the president is the head of the American body politic, Congress is its gastrointestinal tract. Its vast and convoluted inner workings may be mysterious and unpleasant, but in the end they excrete a great deal of material whose successful passage is crucial to our nation's survival. This is the Congress's duty.--from America (The Book), by Jon Stewart and the writers of The Daily Show

My teenager would get a kick out of that passage. I may show it to her, if she ever comes home :-).

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