26 August 2008

Meeting your favorite authors

Am I the only one whose teenager is so geeky? M has been struggling with her grades, so I am planning to take her to get a copy of "Playing for Keeps" signed by the author Mur Lafferty when she comes to Charlotte. My teen is starting to get into clothes and makeup, but she can still appreciate a good book.

One of the aspects of the Podiobooks movement online that is really cool is that readers can have a bit more access to their favorite authors. The writers who offer their work for free online usually do so to build an audience for the eventual print copy that they will sell. Because of this, these authors make themselves available in various online forums, by email, on Twitter, etc. M has already had a chance to email and talk to one of her favorite online authors, Christiana Ellis. She was gracious to my daughter and really made her day. M is going to be her fan for life, I'm sure.

Have any of you had a good experience with meeting an author?

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gamermasterman said...

I would love to meet one of my favorite authors. The only problem is three of them are gone, and the other one is hugely famous. :)

That is a pretty neat site though. Thanks for sharing it I'm checking it out right now.