20 April 2008

Skimming more than reading

These days, I seem to read books the way my husband ABM used to watch movies. He would go to the video store on $1 rental day and get 10 movies. Once home, he would pop in a movie and give it about 15 minutes to wow him. If it didn't, he would pop it out and try another one. He usually ended up watching two movies all the way through.

That is the way that I have been reading lately. In the past I would have given a book a chance even if I thought it was dull. If I get far enough into a book, I usually can't stop myself from reading to the end because I can't stand to have an unfinished plot rattling around in my brain. Nowadays it is much easier for me to abandon a book.

Now that I've accepted the fact that I wasn't going to finish most books, I'm getting more out of my library stack. I've given myself the permission to skim, especially with nonfiction. Comparing myself to my other online friends who have no kids and read two books a week is doing me no good.

What does this mean to you, the reader of this blog? Not much, really. This is just a reminder that I will be filling this blog with impressions of books more than full-blown reviews.

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